HTC Magic 也会升级 Android 221?不


HTC Magic 也会升级 Android 221?不HTC Magic 也会升级 Android 221?不

没想到 HTC Magic 这部比较旧的手机也能升级到 Android 2.2,屈指一算 HTC Magic 推出至今已经一年有多了,而 Vodafone UK 日前宣布将会为 HTC Magic 升级到 Android 2.2.1,不过当然只限 Vodafone 版本的 HTC Magic。

赞助商连结 以下为 Vodafone UK 有关于 Android 2.2.1 的说明:

Android 2.2.1 (Froyo) is now available to Vodafone HTC Magic customers

Android 2.2.1 will give customers a number of improvements including: latest Gmail and Android Market clients; ability to save applications directly onto an SD card; support for USB tethering so the phone can be used as a modem; improved support for Active Sync Exchange (email, contacts and calendar sync); enhancements to Bluetooth; and enhancements to the camera. The update also includes the latest Google security patches.

How will customers get the latest software?

Customers』 devices will receive an automatic notification when the update is available for their handset. They can then choose to accept the update by following the on screen prompts or perform it later.

The roll out of the software is phased, so not all customers will receive this notification at once.

Because it is quite a large update, we’d recommend customers carry it out over WiFi, although it is possible to download it over 3G or GPRS.

The update is a two step download which will be triggered by automatic notification to the customer’s handset. The first step will change the bootloader. The second step will install FroYo after the phone has rebooted.

Checking software versions

To check which version of software the HTC Magic has:

1. Press the menu key, then touch 「Settings」, scroll down to and touch 「About phone」

2. The software version will be displayed here

[资料来源:Vodafone UK via Engadget]